Often we do not think of our windshields as a big part of our cars but just as another place to look out of when driving. The windshield actually provides much of the structure to your car that prevents the roof of your car from caving in during a rollover. When the windshield becomes cracked or damaged though, you need to replace it in order to maintain the benefits a healthy windshield offers. That’s why it’s important to have a windshield replacement, Columbus, Ohio, if you feel the integrity of it has been jeopardized. 

To replace the windshield first start by taking off any of the plastic moldings around the piece. Also be sure to take off the clips that properly place the molding and remember that each of these can have their own ways of removal. Next you need to find the best angle you are going to separate the piece of glass from the metal of the car. After this be sure to cut the flexible adhesive that is present but be sure to do this from the inside to prevent the windshield from breaking due to a lack of knife room. There are many things that can go wrong while doing this, which is why it’s best to hire a professional windshield replacement company, such as ours.


The next step may take more than one person, and that is removing the windshield. When doing this you will need to open each of the front doors of the car and reach from the inside and gently push the glass to separate it from the welded metal of the car. After you removed the windshield clear away any dirt or particles that may affect the adhesive materials from working properly with a brush. Trim off any excess urethane and remove any rust you find on the pinch-weld. Next you can properly prime the location for the installation of the windshield. Insert the windshield after applying urethane with a caulking gun. Take the time to let the urethane to set. Some of the steps in the entire replacement process were left out in order to condense information.

There are more steps to take in order to fully replace the windshield and even the windshield gasket and the process can get quite complicated which is why we recommend taking your car to a professional windshield replacement service like ours.

Take care of your windshield as it can save your life one day!windshield replacement columbus ohio